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In 2008, Unite! churches developed the Atlanta 2020 Goals to reflect a picture of what kingdom change in Atlanta by 2020 in the areas of family, education, and justice could look like. The Atlanta 2020 goals were developed to give focus to the partnering as well as to join together with the public and private sector in seeing Atlanta changed. These goals were not intended to be comprehensive of all the issues in an Impact Area, but they were identified as key outcome measurement(s) in each area.

The great advantage of churches partnering together is that we don’t all have to do everything. Churches can be more effective and have greater impact by working together to leverage each others passion and resources. For example, one church may feel led to invest themselves wholly in serving the public schools while another church may turn their full attention to caring for the homeless. And churches partnering together (with different strategic focuses) can send their volunteers back and forth to serve with each other, depending on the passion and area of interest for their volunteers. The result is a greater impact for the kingdom of God!







All foster children have a home

All students have opportunity to graduate

All children are safe from sexual exploitation


All foster children are adopted by a family

95% graduation rate and 3rd grade CRCT

No children in sex slavery or exploitation


Foster Care and Adoption Initiatives (The 111 Initiative)

Mentoring through KidsUSA and Adopting a public school