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KidsHopeUSA - Join Us!

Something exciting is happening in our city! Since 2011, 50 metro Atlanta churches have partnered with KidsHopeUSA to rally more than 850 volunteer mentors to invest time and build relationships with students in our local public elementary schools. And the principals, teachers, parents, students, mentors, all -- LOVE IT!!  KidsHopeUSA, http://www.kidshopeusa.org, is an organization that has mobilized more than 42,000 mentors through 1200 plus church-school partnerships in 33 states, and is partnering with Unite! to see that "every child in Metro Atlanta who needs a mentor would have a mentor." Additionally, KidsHopeUSA is the mentoring partner that is helping us reach our goal to "positively impact graduation rates in Atlanta."

Check out this video and hear from mentors who have been a part of this incredible effort. We encourage you to also download this pdf "KidsHopeUSA at a Glance" to get a gimpse into this amazing program and organization. 


Serving Public Schools

Between Cobb, DeKalb, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry and Paulding counties, there are approximately 525 public schools. There are also at least 3,500 churches in those same counties.

Can you imagine how Atlanta might be impacted for the Kingdom of God if every school was served, prayed for, and cared for by local churches? That is exactly the vision of Unite! churches! We hope you’ll join us as we serve, love, and care for the children, teachers, administrators, and families in our public schools.

Region Contacts

Gwinnett County Cobb County Henry County
Tammy Lopez Lin Harrison Julie Weaver
Perimeter Church Orange Hill Baptist Church Momentum Christian Church
tammyl@perimeter.org l.harrison@orangehill.org julie@momentumcc.org
678-405-2292 770-948-2303 ext 21 678-787-4596


Georgia has the second highest high school dropout rate in the country.
Over 40% of Georgia students leave school without graduating.
Only 32% of Georgia 9th graders will graduate from high school and attend college.

Factors Leading to Poverty

Only 8% of high school students will end up in poverty IF the following three characteristics are true of them:
They graduate from high school,
They get married after the age of 20 years old, AND
They have children AFTER they’re married.
If all three of these things don’t happen, their chances of being in poverty rises from 8% to 80%.
– Information provided by the Georgia Family Council.
You and your church can and will make a lasting impact! 


Public Schools Unite! Overview and Vision

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