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Are you aware of the urgent foster care crisis in GA?  
With more than 13,000 children in foster care, the enormous deficit of available foster homes staggering.  Often children entering foster care are placed in group homes or hotels until a foster placement can be found.  This sends a damaging message to already vulnerable hearts - the lie that nobody wants them.  Additionally, siblings are often separated and moved to various counties throughout the state because of the lack of available homes.

Live The Promise is a collaborative strategy to help churches and their congregations address this crisis.  Established and led by Promise686, together we are growing the base of strong foster families in Georgia.  We are recruiting and training committed individuals to support foster families by surrounding them within a "Care Community" of volunteers.  The concept is simple:  1 church, 1 family, 1 purpose - to leave no Georgia child without a family.  With 10,000+ churches in the state of GA and 13,000+ children in foster care, the math is "doable."  When each of our churches commit to raising up and supporting even one foster family, Georgia's foster children will have a place to call home. 

"LTP" is housed within the non-profit ministry of Promise686. By partnering with Live The Promise, churches identify lay leaders, raise awareness in their congregations, point families toward appropriate training, and build volunteer Care Communities around foster families.  We equip churches and volunteers to help families foster stronger and longer - allowing more vulnerable children to live in safety and stability.


Through our partnership we can:

1. Increase the number of available and nurturing foster homes.

2. Allow sibling groups to stay together.

3. Enable foster kids to stay closer to home, ideally in the same school, and closer to their birth families;    encouraging healthy and sustained reunification or adoption, whichever is best for the child/children.

4. Break the tragic, generational cycle that exists in foster care.

5. Proclaim the mission of the church : love and compassion.

To learn more about Promise686 and specifically Live The Promise: http://www.livethepromise.org


Many Unite! churches  across different regions are working together to Live The Promise. Check out the partnering churches here

Connect with these Promise686 staff:

Ty Bryant, Vice President -  678.230.6381

Johnna Stein, Director of Volunteer Development - 770.570.2239