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STOP Child Exploitation & Trafficking in Atlanta!

Unite! churches seek to bring justice to those who are experiencing injustice throughout Atlanta.  The primary focus for Unite! in the arena of justice, involves the commercial sexual exploitation of children.  Atlanta is considered, by several sources, to be in the top 10, even #1 by some accounts, in the U.S. in regards to the “rape for profit” industry.

The Facts:

  • This is a $32 Billion industry worldwide, $9.5 Billion yearly in the US.
  • Approximately 375 young girls are trafficked each month… in Georgia!  Some are runaways, while others are taken from their families.
  • It’s true – studies have shown that approximately 375 children are believed to be at risk for sexual exploitation in Georgia, with Atlanta as an identified focal point for such atrocity.
  • It’s not always who you think… the average age of child sexual exploitation appears to be 14, but girls as yound as 10 and 11 have been exploited.  Source: Hidden in Plain View: 2005 Mayor’s Report
  • An estimated 7,200 men knowingly or unknowingly pay for sex with adolescent females in Georgia each month.  Read more highlights from the CSEC Demand Study along with a press release that describes the study in more detail.  For the full study, click here.


Get your church involved in the area of justice, the least common form of care provided by the church today. It moves beyond compassionate relief and personal empowerment by seeking to alter, change and transform the societal structure and conditions that trigger or exacerbate dependency or injustice in our community. Join in with one of our partners and their intiatives to make a difference today. 

Awake Ministries (Serving Abused & Battered Women)
Innocence Atlanta (Child Sexual Exploitation)
National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families
Sisters In Service (Serving Oppressed Women & Children) 
Street GRACE (Building Awareness & Joining Community Efforts)
Victoria's Friends (Providing spiritual support, physical restoration, & training to women working in the sex industry)

FACE - Fathers Against Child Exploitation
Lobby Days
Street GRACE running team

Please take a look through the Justice Resources document for an exhaustive listing of books, websites, articles, and organizations addressing the topic of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children.

Shawn Janes
12Stone Church