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John 13:34-35 "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another."  


As followers of Christ, we are called to love one another. By doing so, we show those around us that we are believers and are His! From the beginning of Unite!, we have said that this movement is all about relationships. Relationships are at the foundation of all the collaboration that takes place. These relationships are not just with churches and leaders that are of the same denomination or even with just those who look like us. One of the unique aspects of Unite! is that relationships and collaboration are happening between church leaders of different races and ethnicities.  

Relationships with those that are different than us expand our horizons and take us to a deeper level and understanding of the gospel. We can only begin to understand another ethnicity and race by building a deep enough friendship with someone where we can talk honestly about our experiences and challenges. Otherwise, we only understand our perspective, our culture, and only see the world though one lens. We believe that the foundation of racial reconciliation is deep relationships. As we better understand one another and learn from one another, we will go to another level of loving one another. Our desire is for these love relationships to spread like wildfire across metro Atlanta! 

Below are three videos from Atlanta area pastors from a recent Unite! event. It was truly a rich conversation among those that come from various denominations as well as ethnicities. This is a time in our nation where the Body of Christ can really shine brightly as we live out unity and relationship. The word that was heard over and over was relationship! As we do this with our brothers of another color, we tear down the walls that can divide us.


Crawford Loritts - pastor of Fellowship Bible Church


Darryl Ford - pastor of Ikon Community Church


Billy Park - pastor of Grace Community Church


As we grieve and mourn about so much racial tension that exists in our country, we are encouraged by some very practical ways that we can make a difference. We want to make you aware of these opportunities, as well as some helpful resources:   



  • The AND Campaign 
    The AND Campaign is an urban coalition that promotes the voice of human flourishing in the socio-political arena. It seeks to assert biblical wisdom and restore the true narrative of humankind to its rightful prominence which is justice for all. The AND Campaign gives followers of Christ very practical ways to make a difference by improving our criminal justice system and providing better educational opportunities in our community.
  • Be the Bridge
    This group and movement was started by Latasha Morrison and hosts events in which you can be a part. Her blog is also a great resource and you can find them on Facebook here



We are looking to hear how Unite! churches and pastors are working out the current events and the call to reconciliation in their churches. Here is an example of a recent sermon from Central Church in CharlottePlease send us links to your church sermons on this topic or other resources that we can list on the Unite! website so that we can be learning from each other as Unite churches. Please email heidih@perimeter.org with these resources.