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We are a group of Central City Pastors underneath the Unite! umbrella, coming together to do a work within certain parameters and initiatives. We come together to make a greater impact in our schools, communities and cities. As the people of God, we must be RECONCILED as one in order to UNIFY. This movement is awesome because we are different colors serving the same Jesus! We are built on diversification. If your church is located in the Central City region, join us!

Upcoming Events

We meet every 2nd Thursday of the month, location will vary.

> January 8, 2015 at 12 noon - 187 Mayson Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30307. Please RSVP, as lunch will be served. 

Please be mindful, locations are subject to change.  Please sign up to receive and be on the lookout for the official Chat and Chew email.


Pray With Us

   >  For the responsibility of the church to move how God wants us to move

   >  To acknowledge God moves at his greatest when there is crisis

   >  To Love our enemies

   >  For all of our police officers

   >  For all of those families who have lost children and loved one who didn't make the news

   >  For people to love genuinely and to genuinely feel the love of Christ when they encounter our movement

   >  For the unbreakable bonds of unity across skin color and class systems


If your church is located in this area, and you would like to connect, please email adminasst@newbirthmetro.org or submit a Contact form by selecting the button at the bottom right corner of this page.