Deeply know, collaborate with, and spark flourishing within your local community.


Many community organizations focus on the needs or deficits of the community. At Unite we focus on the assets, beauty, and strength within the communities where we live, work, and worship.

We believe the pathway to Shalom restoring things to the way they’re supposed to be is through building relationships, learning from our neighbors, and equipping and mobilizing the Church to engage the root issues within their community.

Many local churches struggle to effectively engage the community due to a lack of capacity, connection, or expertise. We’re here, to not only connect the Church, but we’re helping Christian Leaders living across Metro Atlanta to deeply know and collaborate with others in their neighborhoods for one common goal – flourishing.




Below are some examples of how Unite churches and community leaders are working in their cities.  Action will look different in every community based on listening to the community voices.  However, most action will flow out of the following dynamics:

Individuals who steward their influence, gifts and assets for the well-being of the community.
Mobilizing churches and groups to action through synergistic partnerships.o
Advocacy that encourages systemic change at a root level.

Individual Influence

In Duluth, bi-lingual men and women partner with their local school to translate during parent-teacher conferences and other important events.  Student. Parent. Teacher. School. Community.  All working together to support the next generation reaching their God-given potential.  

Individual Influence

Individual Influence


In Lawrenceville, churches are partnering with a local non-profit and are mobilized into action in the surrounding community – seeking to learn about the assets and challenges the community faces so that together, they can determine the best ways to bless community.  The church approaches hesitantly but humbly, and as a result, the community embraces with open arms.  The seeds of long term relationship and gospel witness are planted.


In Chamblee/Doraville/Brookhaven, 10 churches are partnering together with  community stakeholders to understand and promote inclusive, affordable housing in     their community. City leaders are working to create incentives  and zoning to         encourage affordability.





A City Flourishing Catalyst is seeking to be a catalytic agent that mobilizes diverse churches toward collaborative relationships in order to see the holistic flourishing of the next generation and their families.   The collaboration of churches results in much greater impact than any one church can do on its own.


A substance that enables a chemical reaction to proceed at a faster rate or under different conditions than otherwise possible.


Men and women who love Jesus, the church, the community and the outworking of the Kingdom of God.


Provoking Kingdom change through:

Discovering: Gifts and Assets. Challenges and opportunities. Stakeholders and Existing engagement.

Building: Relationships. A team. A plan. A movement.

Mobilizing: Synergistic Partnerships. Strategic engagement. Tangible Blessing.