At Unite we prioritize genuine relationships, diversity, and shared decision-making within local communities.


What Makes Us Different

The Unite Community Flourishing Model
The Unite Flourishing Model combines best practices from 3 distinct Community Engagement/Development models that have been proven over time to produce results. We believe that the combination of them can accomplish something far greater within communities than the best practices of any one model.
City Gospel Movements (CGM)
City Gospel Movements (CGM): This model rests on the belief that churches working together across the city create tremendous transformation for the good of a city.
Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)
This model seeks to be informed and driven by the community in a particular geographic area. ABCD assumes there are beautiful gifts that exist within the community. It takes a holistic approach – building on the things that are beautiful and strong, and addressing the root causes that create vulnerability. It seeks to bring real repair so that the vulnerabilities no longer exist.
Collective Impact Model (CIM)
This model encourages collaboration with organizations and individuals from all sectors of a community to multiply impact. The particulars of this approach is in the way collaboration is done: The various organizations agree on a common agenda, develop shared measurements and commit to providing mutually reinforcing activities. This kind of work requires a backbone organization that provides continuous communication, collects data and beautifully coordinates the different parts.



Placed-Based Focus

Specificity leads to effective, measurable change. We focus on the flourishing of local communities – for the combined result of city-wide flourishing. (ABCD + CIM)

Churches in Collaboration

Pastors and Christian leaders mobilize the Church and join with other organizations. (CGM + CIM)

Flourishing Catalysts

The Flourishing Catalyst serves as a backbone support and works to build agreement around a common agenda, shared measurements, and reinforcing activities. (CIM)

Mutual Relationships Informing Action

Trained local leaders build relationships with and follow the lead of community stakeholders. (ABCD)

Seeking to Deeply Know

When relationship and curiosity lead, beauty is highlighted and celebrated, root-level challenges are surfaced and community members feel seen, known, and are active participants in their community’s transformation. (ABCD)

Replicating City-wide

The Unite Flourishing Model can be applied in every  community creating city-wide impact. (CGM)


Our 360 Flourishing Courses introduce individuals and organizations to the Unite Community Flourishing Model.

We’re equipping pastors, leaders and neighbors in local communities to wrestle through important questions like:

  • What does it mean to deeply know my neighbors?

  • How might I work with other organizations for maximum impact?

  • How do I mobilize my congregation in meaningful ways?

Please fill out our inquiry form if you would like to bring 360 Flourishing to your organization.

What you will learn:

A Theology of Flourishing

Access to real-time community statistics

Understanding of Cultural Bias

Best practices for dignified community engagement