COvid-19 Resources

There is a LOT of information and data out there on the Coronona Virus – we are not looking to add to the health related sources or information.  Rather, our desire and objective is to serve our city leaders during this unprecedented time, as they are faced with signifcant challenges.  Pastors and Church Leaders can’t care for their flock and city well if they are not caring for themselves well.  We hope these resources are helpful.


How are YOU doing?  The challenges our communities and congregation face with COVID-19 will be more like a marathon than a sprint with the impact expected to extend into 2021.  In order to be able to continue caring for them, adequate attention on self-care will be necessary – like flight safety instructions we get on the plane to put the oxygen mask on ourselves before helping others.  Use this worksheet to self-triage.  Mental Health Worksheet

This article from Christian psychiatrist, Curt Thompson, explains why our bodies are more tired as we deal with social distancing and working from home.

This is a 15 Day Devotional   – Discerning God in Difficult Times, from the Global Center of Faith & Work

Church Resources

Crisis Toolkit for Churches – in partnership with Gloo and Barna
Churches Helping Churches Relief Fund – donate to or apply for funds to sustain local churches